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Moksha Family presents Voyage In Utopia – March 6, 2009

Moksha Family Arts Collective

presents a night of Utopia!

Friday March 6, 9pm-2am

Come see the film “Voyage in Utopia” by Laurent Le Gall with a q&a by the film maker. The event is also a fundraiser for the South Florida Burners’ art-car the Naught-Bus! Djs FTG and Indovisual will be spinning before and after the film, there will be fire performance, and burner artwork by Dyhana and Jack Trash.

Vending by your fave burner artisans, as well as lite food & beverages available.
Costumes are encouraged!
…Tickets at the door…

An immersion into a journey towards a new world. Every year, tens of thousands of participants migrate to the vacant heart of the wild west to celebrate this stupefying event by creating an ephemeral town, Black Rock City. The Black rock desert, Nevada State, will be the decor of the festival. Without a doubt the experience will be extreme in this lost world. Huge heat, desert storms, no shade, no shops. Everybody must survive by themselves by bringing their own food and hopefully their good spirit. These “burners” mix their urban culture with a certain type of improvised tribalism. According to Larry Harvey, the principals are simple.

  1. Radical self expression and creation are absolute.

  2. No money here.

  3. All is based on a gift economy !

  4. At Burning Man you will not find any fast food or advertising for beer.

The purpose of this documentary, through our extraordinary voyage, is to analyse the conventions, commitments and syndromes of this event became a movement. Burning Man is a schizophrenic testimony of an American society where liberty, tolerance and individualism often live side by side with competition, totalitarianism and commodification. It will illuminate for us the hidden face of “the man who burns”.

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