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Moksha Art Fair 2012 – December 5th-8th, 2012 – Eagle Meets Condor

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Moksha Art Fair 2012

Eagle Meets Condor

Moksha Art Fair 2012

Moksha Art Fair 2012

 Moksha Art Fair 2012

Moksha Art Fair 2012


December 5th. – December 8th.

Gallery opens at 8pm

12/5 Art opening & Ceremony – Donations Accepted
12/6 Panels & Lectures -Tickets:
12/8 Closing Celebration -Tickets:

Schedule of events:

The Moksha Family Arts Collective is proud to announce the following lineup of visionary artists, speakers & musicians for the 2012 Moksha Art Fair “Eagle Meets Condor”:

Visual Artists:
Lakota Chief- Leonard Crowdog, Jr.
Huichol-Mariano Valadez
Huichol-Cilau Valadez
Juan Carlos Taminchi
Mark Henson
Donna Torres
Amanda Sage
Andrew Jones
Chris Dyer
Layla Love
Emma Watkinson
Alex Sastoque
Jonathan Sastoque
Rio Gordon
Harlan Emil Gruber
Mark Diamond
Reinier Gamboa
Eva Ruiz
Olivia Curry
Robert Thomas Jr.
Robert Aura Freitag
Alvaro Santamaria
Luis Valle
Baba Trips
Ryan Cacolici
Anya Nadal
Ricardo Dieguez
Naga Reshi
Bryan Lahr
Tracey Ahrendt
Alissa Christine

Daniel Pinchbeck
Manolo Torres
Junajkot Romeo Tecu- Mayan priest
Panel discussion with select visiting artists!

Musical Acts:
Toubab Krewe
Andreilien (Heyoka)
7th World ft. Robert Thomas, Jr.(Weather Report, Santana), Felix and Julius Pastorius
Satchi Om
Mobius 8
Elastic Bond
Panther God
Captive Eddies
Okulus Anomali feat. SolFire & AlphaNumerix
Franky Helix
Y Diz and Fantastic friends
Erick Paredes
The Moksha Roots All Stars feat. Bagga Trak
Afro Monk
Squirt Vonnegut feat. the members of the Heavy Pets
Rhythm Flow feat. Sean Dibble
Eric Dez
Eden Grey
Barrio Abajo
Jamin Murphy
Fernie & Friends feat. Rajesh Bhandari
Carl Ferrari
Tamboka Jams

Performance acts:
Elemental Expressions
Tribe Of The Red Moon
Wild Child World
Pyro Fusion
Ferron & Chadaddy
Mysterr & Walelu Circus
Dangerfun Entertainment
Fire By The Palm
Unity Is Change
Synergy Yoga
Trio Yoga
Irina Kazakova
Vanessa Fae

Video Art & Visuals:
Andrew Byrd
Melanie Patiram
Rodrigo Arcaya
Robert Aura Freitag
Melissa Mellymel Dalmau
Peter Agudelo
Sean Ashworth

Art Installations:
Funktion Forms
Wild Child World
Olivia Curry

Gallery opens daily 12–6pm

December 5th-8th 2012
Admission: FREE
All ages

Thursday, December 6, 6pm – Lecture & Panel Discussion with Daniel Pinchbeck,
FIU Professor Constantino Manuel Torres & other invited guests.
Tickets: $15 Presale / $20 Door / $10 with Student ID at door

Saturday, December 8th, 8pm – Moksha Art Fair multimedia experience.
Tickets: $25 Presale / $50 Door / $35 with Student ID at door


The Moksha Family Artist Collective and Community Arts & Culture present the 2012 Moksha Art Fair with the theme “The Eagle Meets The Condor”, during Art Basel Miami Beach. This showcase works to highlight the cultural and creative connections between the indigenous people of South & Central America with North American shamanism. By utilizing artistic sensibilities to reflect the deep appreciation for ancient knowledge, the Moksha Art Fair brings people together to share and experience art that transcends time.

The theme of “The Eagle Meets The Condor” represents a convergence of creativity and reverence of native culture and modern awakening. Part of this international gathering will include shamans, spiritual leaders from South America, Central America and North America who will present traditional elements of their cultural history through artistic displays, educational presentations and interactive demonstrations. This is an opportunity to experience a cultural relevance of history as it meshes in today’s modern world.

Within many indigenous cultures there is a 2000 year old prophecy about the eagle meeting the condor to create peace and balance for the people of the Americas. In Andean culture, the prophecy predicted the conflict throughout the Americas from around 1500 to 2000. The eagle represents the modern, technological world while the condor represents the people who live close to the land and honor spirituality and wisdom.

As part of the prophecy, it is foretold that we are in a time of transition that will bring the eagle and condor to fly together in harmony. This will require that the people of the Americas embrace a change in consciousness as well as in practices. This partnership will be born of love and healing that will work to undo the conflict through sustainability and understanding.

The 2012 Moksha Art Fair honors this prophecy and provides a platform for our visionary community to come together with global awareness, creative interaction and solidarity for holistic wisdom. By merging the modern technology with the roots of nature, we strive to achieve a sense of harmony that can radiate beyond our local community to all across the Earth.

As part of the 2012 Moksha Art Fair, there will be a special showcase of international and local artists along with a panel discussion about the cultural impact of enthogens in art. In addition, there will be a special indigenous blessing ceremony that will bring together a selection of tribal cultures. As a culmination of this art festival, there will be multi-media presentation of music, live art and various performances.

The Moksha Art Fair is the premiere event for visionary art during Art Basel Miami Beach! In 2012, The Eagle Meets The Condor will bring together a dynamic selection of artists, performers & musicians! This is a showcase that should not be missed! Make your plans to be at the 2012 Moksha Art Fair! You will be happy you did! Spread the word & be part of something beautiful!

Gallery, lecture, music and performance updates coming soon! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or participating, contact us here or at 305-757-7277.

Schedule of Events:
Wed., Dec. 5th, 2012
12:00-6:00PM – Gallery open to visitors (No cover)
7:00PM-8:00PM – Gallery Opening
8:00PM-11:00PM – Opening ceremony/celebration (donations encouraged)
Thurs, Dec. 6th, 2012
12:00-7:00PM – Gallery open to visitors (No cover)
8:00PM-12:00AM – Lectures/Panels ($10 cover)
Tickets available at:
Fri, Dec. 7th, 2012
12:00-7:00PM – Gallery open to visitors (No cover)
Sat., Dec. 8th, 2012
12:00-7:00PM – Gallery open to visitors (No cover)
8:00PM-? – Closing celebration ft. musical guests ($50 cover)

Presale tickets available at:
VIP open-bar upgrades available at the door


7th Circuit Productions | Moksha Artists Collective | FB | Community Arts and Culture

Support for this event is provided by: Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs,
the Office of the Mayor, and the Board of County Commissioners.
We thank you for supporting the movement and keeping the vision alive.