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Moksha Arts Collective Presents – MycoPermaculture Design Weekend – September 25–26 @ Moksha Arts Retreat Center

By September 5, 2021January 25th, 2022No Comments

Moksha Arts Collective Presents
MycoPermaculture Design Weekend
September 25–26 @
Moksha Arts Retreat Center

Immersive experience foraging, and practicing cultivation techniques for hot weather mushrooms!
About this event

Join William Padilla-Brown at the Moksha Arts Retreat in Las Vegas Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 140 acres of private tropical forest! MycoPermaculture is a focused branch of whole systems design science focused on fungal mimicry and implication in ecological and social systems for the benefit of all Life. We will be focused on the most economically beneficial mushrooms to work with in Puerto Rico, while also maintaining ecological regeneration in our approach to cultivation. This class will utilize low tech outdoor protocols for most of the experience.

We will cover

Foraging – Cloning – Pasteurizing Substrate- Spawning – Fruiting


10am-10:30am Introductions
10:30am-12pm Presentation
12pm-1pm Lunch
1pm-3pm Working with Cultures (Liquid, Grain, Agar)
3pm-4pm Low Tek Spawn preparation
4pm-5:30pm Spore Microscopy

9:30am-11:30am Forage around the property
11:30am-12pm Clone Wild Mushrooms
12pm-1pm Lunch
1pm-3pm Outdoor Patch installation
3pm-5pm Making Fruiting Buckets
5pm-6:30pm how to process your mushrooms for sale.

(maybe bonus DNA barcoding session)

We will provide a group Dinner on Saturday the 25th.
BYO food for all other meals, there is a bbq on-site that can be used.

Don’t forget to sign up on the eventbrite.
Bring tent, raincoat, water boots, your food.
A meal is included Saturday night.

Camp Sites are included in ticket prices!

MycoPermaculture Design Weekend ?? Excited to return to the island with offerings! In collaboration with @mokshaartscollective/@moksha_arts_retreat We will be offering 2 days of mushroom education on 140 acres of private tropical forest in south western Puerto Rico! We will spend the weekend learning about how to implement permaculture design to set up an outdoor mushroom grow on the retreat, come out camp and explore the land! We possible mobile DNA lab set up on site for some after class extra curricular activities? #williampadillabrown #mushrooms #mushroomforaging #fantasticfungi #mokshaartscollective #mushroomretreat #mycosymbiote #miamientheogenicsociety