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Moksha Lecture Series – Sept-25-2014 -Microbirth- World Premier & Lecture with Barbara Harper

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THURSDAY – September 25, 2014

The Moksha Lecture Series is a multidisciplinary bimonthly gathering that fosters idea sharing, dialog, and exploration of consciousness and our connection with the universe. We host speakers specializing in topics such as plant medicine, shamanism, spirituality, the natural sciences, social sciences and art. Since its inception in 2002, the Moksha Lecture Series has brought such renowned speakers as Dennis McKenna, Daniel Pinchbeck, Dr. Joe Tafur, Alex Grey, Dr. Manolo Torres and many more.What is MicroBirth?
MicroBirth is a new feature-length documentary looking at birth in a whole new way; through the lens of a microscope. The film investigates the latest scientific research that is starting to link the way babies are born with health in later life, particularly the increased risk of children developing certain immune-related conditions, including asthma, type 1 diabetes, celiac (coeliac) disease, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, mental health disorders and even some cancers.

The purpose of the documentary is to raise public awareness of the importance of “seeding the baby’s microbiome” at birth with the mother’s own bacteria – this bacteria helps train the immune system to recognize what is “friend” and what is “foe”. We believe “seeding of the baby’s microbiome” should be on every birth plan – for even if vaginal birth isn’t possible, immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding can still help to provide bacteria crucial to the development of the baby’s immune system. In the scientists’ view, if we can get the seeding of the baby’s microbiome right at birth, this could make a massive difference to the baby’s health for the rest of its life. Consequently, we believe that “Microbirth” is of extreme importance for global health and potentially, for the future of mankind!

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To see trailer of the film:

Our guest speaker Barbara Harper RN, CD, CCD founded Waterbirth International in 1988 so that water-birth would be an available option for all women. Barbara has been providing education & training pro-grams internationally for the past 29 years. Her book and DVD, “Gentle Birth Choices” is required reading midwifery schools. Her next book, “Birth, Bath & Beyond: A Practical Water-birth Guide,” will be out soon. Barbara brings her experience and knowledge from around the world after teaching and working in 55 countries. Come see why Barbara is such a sought after speaker, researcher and clinician. / Facebook






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Thursday, September 25, 2014:

Doors open at 7:00pm

Lecture begins at 7:30pm (sharp) -10:00 pm

$10 donation pre-sale

$15 donation at door

Pre-sale tickets available here:

Click for Tickets!

Come early for refreshments and snacks from Plaiedean Lounge.

7th Circuit Productions, 228 NE 59th St. Miami, FL 33137 

For info # 305-757-7277

Please join us in October for our next guest T.B.A.